Who can Join us?

  1. 1start-ups, websites, interactive agencies, various creative environments, cultural centers coming from Riga and promoting new technologies;
  2. 2those who pay taxes in Riga;
  3. 3business and their owners, who have a sense of confidence and are proud of the fact they come from Riga;
  4. 4businesses and their owners, who are dissatisfied with current situation - low awareness of the technological brand of Riga for their present and potential customers.

Become a member

It takes only two steps to join the initiative. First, add the link Made in Riga in the footer of your company website. The link can be in a text form or you can use the logo of Made in Riga. After that, send the relevant information about your company and its logo through our membership application form. If your company is focused on new technologies and registered in Riga, we will add it to the list.

This is a non-profit initiative and it doesn’t intend to charge a fee at this moment or in the future for the use of logo “Made in Riga”.


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